How to Plant Guava Tree | Black-Attitude

How to Plant Guava Tree | Black-Attitude

How to Grow Guavas

The guava is a shrub or little tree which grows 2 to 8 m tall. At the point when developed it is typically pruned back to around 2 to 3 m.Trees that are not pruned, ordinarily bloom during October. When they are pruned, the time of full sprout is 10 to 12 weeks in the wake of pruning. Honey bees are simply the principle pollinators, yet fertilization additionally happens.


  • The natural fruit is a berry.
  • • Guavas differ fit as a fiddle, from round to pyriform, and the measure of the natural product changes from 25 to 100 mm in width.
  • • The substance of the cultivar Fan Retief is orangepink with a granular structure because of the numerous stone cells. There are various hard seeds inserted in the mash.
  • • The period from blossoming to maturing of the natural product is 20 to 28 weeks, contingent upon pruning time.

Climatic requirements

• Guavas are adjusted to zones with sweltering summers and cool winters. In a few territories a normal month to month most extreme temperature higher than 32 °C and a base temperature beneath 3 °C are viewed as prohibitive for the development of guavas.

• Temperatures of up to 45 °C can be endured, in spite of the fact that the most noteworthy yields are typically recorded at mean temperatures of 23 to 28 °C.

• Optimum vegetative development happens in the vicinity of 15 and 28 °C.



• Approximately 3,5 to a half year, contingent upon the cultivar, of mean summer temperatures higher than 16 °C are required for the trees to blossom and prove to be fruitful effectively. The nature of the organic product ends up mediocre when mean temperatures fall beneath 15 °C amid the developing stage.

• Guavas can be developed effectively from ocean level up to an elevation of 1 500 m.

• The trees are additionally all around adjusted to both summer and winter precipitation conditions.

• They are more dry season safe than most tropical trees and develop best in zones with a yearly precipitation of 1 000 to 1 500 mm. Be that as it may, natural product generation and quality are influenced by extraordinary dampness conditions.

• If precipitation is insufficient, trees ought to be flooded amid dry periods, particularly if there is organic product on the tree.


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