The lesser known Medicinal Values of Marigold | Black-Attitude

The lesser known Medicinal Values of Marigold | Black-Attitude

As a result of their simple development, wide versatility to different soil and climatic conditions, appeal and phenomenal keeping quality; Marigold have turned out to be a standout amongst the most well known blossoms in India. They are industrially developed for cut blossoms wreaths, basic oils and drugs.

Marigold is extremely well known among the nursery workers and flower specialists due to its simple culture and wide flexibility. Its propensity with the expectation of complimentary blooming, brief span to create attractive blossoms, wide range of appealing shading, shape, size and great keeping quality draws in the consideration of bloom producers. In India, it is a standout amongst the most regularly developed blossoms and widely utilized as a part of religious and social capacities, in one shape or the other, self image wreaths or free frame.


It is exceedingly appropriate as a bedding plant, in a herbaceous outskirt and is likewise perfect for recently planted greenery to give shading and fill the spaces. French marigold is most perfect for rockery, edging, hanging crates and window boxes. The two leaves and blooms are similarly vital from therapeutic perspective.

Leaf glue is utilized remotely against bubbles and curbuncles. Leaf extricate is a decent solution for ear hurt.

Bloom extricate is considered as blood purifier, a cure for draining heaps and is likewise a decent solution for eye sicknesses and ulcers.

The fundamental oil display in various types of marigold, can discover an utilization in the scent business, for example:


  1. Tagetes patula contains basic oil which can be promptly separated by steam refining. The oil has an articulated shading and goes about as an anti-agents to flies.
  2. Tagetes erecta contains the chemicals. L – limonene, ocimene, L – linalyl acetic acid derivation, and L – linalool.
  3. Tagetes’ signata oil contains for the most part aromadeudrene (18.4%) and L-terpineol (8.8%) with different oils like limonene, endesmol, p-phenyl ethyl methyl ether. It contains higher basic oil (4.25% of the dry issue) of good quality which can be utilized as a part of fragrance industry.
  4. Tagetes is additionally a decent wellspring of helenine, which differs with bloom shading i.e. profound yellow bloom had higher substance than dim red shading.

It has additionally been broadly realized that marigold is exceedingly compelling in controlling the nematode populace.


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