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Bitter gourd- Pusa Hybrid-4

Bitter gourd- Pusa Hybrid-4

This is the  first gynoecious based severe gourd cross breed created by ICAR-IARI,New Delhi and discharged by Delhi State Seed Sub-panel for Agricultural and Horticultural Crops for business development. It has predominately gynoecious propensity with high female:male bloom proportion (2:1).Fruits are dim green,medium long and medium thick (normal natural product length 16 cm and breadth 5.5-6.5cm) with 5-6 discontinous limit edges and first collect following 45-50 days of sowing. The normal natural product weight is 60g and its normal yield is 22.26 t/ha.


Brinjal-Pusa Safed Baigan-1

Pusa Safed baigan 1 is the white shaded oval round fruited assortment reasonable for kharif season under north Indian fields. Plants are non-prickly with semi erect branches, having light purple pigmentation on more youthful clears out. Organic products are oval round and each natural product transplanting to first organic product reaping. It has high aggregate phenol content (31.21 mg GAE/100G) with high cancer prevention agent movement (3.48 CUPRAC µ mol trolox/g,2.58 FRAP µ mol trolox/g). The potential yield of the assortment is 35t/ha.


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